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Creative Decoding Toolkit

The “Creative Decoding Toolkit” is a research project developed for collecting data to analyse the creative processes in product design in Barcelona.

Creative Decoding Toolkit is a study tool for analysing the creative processes developed by different professionals when working to define a product. It includes products that have entered the market and ideas that have been left “on the shelf” (at the level of briefings, sketches, mock-ups or virtual simulations).


Between May and June 2015 an analogue version of the Creative Decoding Toolkit was given to 40 design professionals who volunteered to participate in the project. Participants included small producers, agencies and studios located in Barcelona and the metropolitan area. The analysis phase for the data collected began in July 2015.

Toolkit goals

The Creative Decoding Toolkit has been developed with following objectives:

  • Collecting information and analysing the creative processes in product design.
  • Understanding work methodologies in different areas and professional contexts.
  • Formulating a preliminary, up-to-date and local hypothesis model on the creative process.
  • Building the foundations so that the project can be scaled up at a global level.
  • Generating material that could be the basis for experimental processes in the academic field.