DESIS Lab ELISAVA (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability) is an action-research laboratory created in 2016 as part of ELISAVA Research.

At DESIS Lab ELISAVA we are change agents. We explore the relationship between design and social change and our goal is to open the mindset both in education, in design-led social innovation practices and in research.


DESIS Lab ELISAVA works as the hub of the Municipality and Government of Catalonia, foundations, associations, universities, schools and museums, both at local and international level.It operates in the framework of the Desis Network, participating in large scale research programs, clusters and projects addressed to effect social change at the urban scale.
The Desis Network consists of more than 30 design labs based in design universities around the world orienting their teaching and research activities towards social innovation and sustainability.


Our aim is to promote co-design as a proactive behaviour able to involve community in design processes.
By fostering creativity and open dialogue, we can promote a comprehensive design system towards resilience and sustainability.
We want to contribute to the creation of more sustainable cities through action-driven research and people-centered practices, involving multidisciplinary teams of actors.


Our research in innovative design strategies will be guided by three main foundations:
. Cross Cultural Understanding through Design.
We aim at overcoming cultural barriers and emphasizing shared needs and circular economy models.
. Sharing Open Data Through Design.
Our approach highlights how participatory methods are able to co-create knowledge and inclusion in open source through OER (Open Education Resources).
. Co-design projects for community and public space.
We promote the intersection and collaboration between different fields of knowledge.