Miguel Ángel Barcelona explains the Systematic Literature Reviews (SLRS) to the Decoding Research Group


On 21st of July, Miguel Ángel Barcelona, manager of the Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón en la plataforma tecnológica española en TIC, visited ELISAVA’s Decoding Research Group to make a conference about the Kitchenham’s method for creating Systematic Literature Reviews (SLRS) efficiently.


SLRS are secondary scientific papers, a type of scientific publications which are intended to identify, assess, and interpret all research already conducted on specific areas. They start by defining a review protocol; are based in a research strategy which aim is detect as much of relevant bibliography as possible; they document their research with rigour so that repeatability will be possible; they require explicit inclusion and exclusion criteria to assess each potential primary study, and they must include the quality evaluation criteria for the data obtained in each primary paper.


SLRS have assisted Decoding Research Group to understand the importance to define a valid research methodology for the different research areas. As an advantages, they can be applied in empirical analysis when consistent results have been obtained and in those which researchers have found variations and they want to study them. They can also be used in quantitative studies in which meta-analysis detect real effects that individual smaller studies are unable to detect.