Anna Mª del Corral (PhD)

Anna María has a Doctorate in Computer Science (1997) from the Catalonia Polytechnic University and in Engineering in Industrial Design from ELISAVA (2003).


Her most significant research project has been developed over 13 years in the Department of Architecture and Computers at the Catalonia Polytechnic University. Among other subjects, she has worked on innovative hardware solutions for accessing memory in vector processors, research which has been included in many renowned international publications.


As an industrial design engineer she worked for six years at a multinational perfume company developing primary packaging for prestigious brands, celebrities, and toiletries.


Anna María is currently a teacher and coordinator in the area of product development for the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design (GEDI), Elisava.


She has also been a tutor for several Innovation Labs on Packaging in Elisava for final year degree projects for conceiving and developing inclusive products.