ELISAVA Research hosted one of the meetings of the ArcInTex network


ELISAVA Research group organized one of the meetings of the ArcInTex network in which members from Eindhoven University of Technology, Swedish School of Textiles, Waag Society and Design School Kolding took part, during the last month of November.


Under the topic “Valorising Research”, the meeting was focused on the role of new technological developments in the textile sector and on the chance of working through the practical research with new materials.


Laura Clèries, responsible of ELISAVA Research, explained the research lines that they are working on and the opportunities of connecting them with the textile sector. Afterwards, Saúl Baeza introduced Hunch Office, a hybrid between textile product, fashion and intuition. The last lecturer was José Mariano López, from the company Bloon, who presented the textile news of the aerospace sector.


After the presentations, the participants engaged in a fruitful discussion; conducted by Oscar Tomico, Head of studies in the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design, in which they argued and speculated about the future of the sector. Finally, three ELISAVA’s students showed their weareables and nearables Enotest, Bare and Armous products.