Decoding Research Group attended to the opening exhibition “Graphene and Beyond” in Manchester


On 23rd July 2016, the Area of Matter of the Decoding Research Group from ELISAVA attended to the opening of the exhibition “Graphene and Beyond”, which took place in the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. This is the first exhibition based of graphene in the whole world.  


“Graphene and Beyond” is divided in four thematic areas. The first one is an itinerary which describes the biographies of Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, and their work together at the University of Manchester until they isolated graphene for the first time.


In the second part, the visitors go into a white cube, simulating a lab, where they find a sort of cupboards which show different progresses that have been made by different scientifics related to the material.


The third area of the exhibition shows some of the current graphene purposes (printed ink which contains graphene) and also future applications are shown (paintings with LEDs applications which are lighted when someone touches the graphene ink). Besides, it intends an interaction between the visitors who can make crafts or apport ideas in a board with post-its.


Finally, the last area, is a closed and black cubicle where the visitors can watch an audiovisual in which appears a trunk grinding graphite stones.