Business Chairs

In the pursuit of academic excellence ELISAVA promotes new structures for research, development and innovation, such as Business Chairs.


Business Chairs are a tool for formalising and making long-lasting public agreements for extensive collaborations in one or more fields of knowledge, between the university and businesses or institutions. Business Chairs facilitate the relationship between the university community, teachers, students, researchers and leading businesses. This promotes ample communication within a framework of training, research and knowledge diffusion activities.


Chairs are the best tool for long-term collaborations, with extensive objectives in teaching, research and technology and knowledge transfer. They are the most strategic way to collaborate with the university ensuring that the driving force behind the agreement goes beyond strictly economic aspects. The chairs must fulfil a dual purpose in the areas they promote: they must be innovative and interdisciplinary.

Principle characteristics of a business chair

  • The creation of a Business Chair is formalised through signing an agreement between ELISAVA and one or more businesses or institutions, pursuant to the agreed objetives and conditons.
  • The agreed lines of work are established according to the business and ELISAVA´s priorities and needs.
  • A specialist with recognised standing and experience directs the chair.
  • ELISAVA offers the company advice on innovation and development, as well as preferential information about research and transfer projects.
  • Chairs embrace a wide range of research, training, technology and knowledge transfer projects. These shared projects impact the business as well as the university.
  • ELISAVA helps companies to find the professionals and technologies they need.
  • ELISAVA involves and promotes companies in the different communications regarding shared projects: presence in publications, exhibitions, websites and signage for the chair in appropriate spaces in ELISAVA, institutional connections, etc.
  • There are possible tax incentives.

Activities that can be developed in the field of business chairs

Training Activities

  • Pre-doctorate and post-doctorate scholarships
  • Prizes for final year degree projects
  • Conferences
  • Encourage educational cooperation
  • Collaboration on planning the formation of businesses/institutions


Research Activities

  • Joint development of lines of research
  • Undertaking research projects
  • Undertaking doctoral theses in cooperation with businesses
  • Promoting meetings of experts on areas of interest in Spain and abroad
  • Cooperation to accomplish research projects in Catalonian, Spanish and European fields
  • Study environment and sustainability issues that cause difficulties for companies in certain sectors


Dissemination and Transfer Activities

  • Transfering research project results
  • Holding technical and technological dissemination conferences
  • Collaborating on promoting scientific and technological events
  • Promoting publications on subjects of interest
  • Disseminating results through publications, exhibitions, etc.